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Mobile app

The DSJ2.pl website is also available as an application for mobile devices. Installing the application gives you the following benefits:

  • faster and more convenient access to the website directly from the device's home screen,
  • the ability to quickly share jump replays directly from the game to the DSJ2.pl website,
  • receiving notifications on your device about newly added news and jumps (coming soon).


To install the application on Android, go to https://dsj2.pl/en via the Google Chrome browser (it may work on other browsers and systems similarly, although we give no guarantee). Immediately after entering or while scrolling the page, a message saying Add DSJ2.pl to Home screen should appear. Tap this message and then confirm the installation. If the message does not appear, tap the 3 vertical dots next to your browser's address bar and then select Install app or Add to home screen from the menu.

🔥Jump news» 🇫🇮FIN 117,15 m🥉📱 Kamil Michalski «» 🇨🇳CHI 244,37 m🥉📱 Dawid Glinka «»