DSJ2 Mobile

Deluxe Ski Jump 2 for mobile devices is available in official distributions on the following platforms:


The classic version for personal computers is primarily the latest v2.1 release, available in two slightly different variants. Unfortunately, the game can no longer be run directly on newer operating systems (Windows 10, 7, etc.) and you also need the DOSBox program to run it.

However, we have good news - you no longer have to worry about tedious installation, configuration and launch of DOSBox. The program is already included in the downloadable packages below in an appropriately configured form.

How to run the game?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to run Deluxe Ski Jump 2 on your Windows PC:

  1. download the selected game version from the links below,
  2. unpack the downloaded .zip archive,
  3. open the game folder where you unpacked the files,
  4. drag and drop the Dsj.exe file onto the DOSBox.exe file - the game should run start.
If you have problems with running the game, let us know at the forum.

Note 1 Traditionally launching the game by double-clicking the Dsj.exe file will not work. The game must be launched as described above. If Windows Defender blocks startup, click "More Info" and then the "Run Anyway" button.

Note 2 The game on DOSBox runs slightly faster than in the original, and may also not run smoothly (speed up and slow down at random times), which makes the game more difficult. To solve these problems, it's necessary to use a slowdown.

Note 3 On January 7, 2023, we changed the configuration of downloadable files so that the game is displayed in full-screen mode in good quality. If you want to restore the original display in 4:3 mode, open the dosbox.conf file and on line 28 change aspect = false to aspect = true, and save the file.
If you only want to change the settings of a game you have previously downloaded from us, copy the dosbox.conf file from the newly downloaded package and paste it into the old game folder, overwriting the old settings. Your records will be preserved.
DSJ 2.1p full

Full version from Komputer Świat ("PC World") magazine with 5 additional Polish hills. More information about this release can be found in interesting facts.

DSJ 2.1

A version that allows you to register the game for yourself by purchasing a key, as well as jumping on the Slovenia K250 hill with the starting beam set at a traditional, lower level.
To unlock the full version, enter the free key released on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the game:

Key: 099-169-2883

Add-ons for the PC version

Wind editor

The newest and most powerful constant wind editor and trainer. Training and entertainment tool only - it doesn't allow cheat in the record rankings (saved jump replays only work properly with the editor enabled and with the same settings). See the full description of the program at the forum.


A game patch, which prevented the use of the changing/variable winds editor (EZW - Edytor Zmiennych Wiatrów, which at one time contributed to the collapse of the community - it was a different program than the constant wind editor described above). Since EZW is probably no longer available anywhere today, there is no point in jumping on the patch and it's only useful for viewing jumps that used to take place on it (they cannot be run without the patch).

Paste the downloaded dsjpatch.exe file into the game folder and run in DOSBox the same way as the Dsj.exe file, and then you can close the DOSBox window (exit command or Alt+Enter shortcut). Then you can always run Dsj.exe as standard.

NOTERunning the patch resets the existing hill records. We recommend patching a separate copy of the game.