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Show us what you can do! You can add many replays at once, and also many of your jumps from a given hill (not just record jumps) - the best ones will be displayed on the hill page under your name. When adding, remember the following rules:

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  1. At least one field with the source of the replay must be correctly completed. Instructions on how to generate a link to the replay from the mobile version can be found here.
    The field for the replay file from the computer (.RPL) is visible only on the desktop version of the website. We recommend naming to help locate the file on disk, such as XXX12345xxx.RPL, where XXX is the hill code, numbers are the full length of a jump, and xxx is the short version of your name. You can give a replay name longer than 8 characters by editing it on disk, not in the game.
  2. To change the details of an already added replay, add it again with the correct information entered (mobile version) or click on the edit button if you have an account.
  3. The time to publish mobile jumps depends on the current number of replays in the queue to be processed (the system automatically processes 1 new jump every few minutes).
  4. If you're adding the tournament jumps, you can hide the results until the end of the competition (check an appropriate option).
Additional info
Fall Classic style Hide in tourn.
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You're not logged in (your jumps won't be assigned to the account).

We no longer rank contemporary PC version records or validate data. Your jumps will only be visible in your profile – the accuracy of the data is your responsibility.