Hill records – PC version:

Hill records of Deluxe Ski Jump 2 PC version before the EZW (Edytor Zmiennych Wiatrów which means changing/variable winds editor) was made public - 2003-01-29. Most of these records (jumps from Poland) also appeared on the now-defunct Śmieciarz's website, which suspended accepting new jumps that day as it wasn't possible to verify them for using EZW and thus cheating. These are probably the most reliable hill records when it comes to the possibility of an actual achievement in the game (of course with a slowdown), although the top 30 rankings of a hill are not quite complete (some jumps were lost).

We don't rank contemporary hill records because they are in no way verified in terms of artificially obtained wind. We do not recommend relying on any "current rankings". In the future we plan to create a new ranking on the constant wind 4.0 with editor, what will ensure equal chances for everyone.

Hill K point Record holder Record Date
🇫🇮Finland K105
Matej Jeznik 118,99 m 2002-08-30
🇨🇭Switzerland K170
Michael Greber 211,66 m 2003-01-28
🇨🇿Czech K135
Roman Karwat 158,05 m 2002-04-05
🇧🇾Belarus K220
Marcin Barwikowski 270,90 m 2002-11-07
🇦🇹Austria K70
Ryszard Cholewa 85,02 m 2003-01-12
🇺🇸USA K130
Remigiusz Górniak 169,51 m 2002-09-01
🇱🇻Latvia K165
Roman Karwat 194,57 m 2002-08-31
🇵🇱Poland K80
Roman Karwat 94,34 m 2002-04-28
🇯🇵Japan K210
Roman Karwat 238,89 m 2002-08-22
🇧🇪Belgium K95
Remigiusz Górniak 127,25 m 2002-12-08
🇮🇸Iceland K190
Helge Bratland 216,21 m 2002-06-17
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿England K50
Matej Jeznik 61,37 m 2002-08-26
🇩🇪Germany K120
Michał Stefanowicz 136,65 m 2002-12-21
🇪🇪Estonia K155
Matej Jeznik 186,98 m 2002-08-11
🇳🇴Norway K90
Marko Jeznik 105,28 m 2003-01-14
🇦🇺Australia K240
Remigiusz Górniak 300,82 m 2002-11-09
🇮🇪Ireland K125
Matej Jeznik 141,08 m 2002-03-17
🇺🇦Ukraine K60
Michał Stefanowicz 74,72 m 2003-01-01
🇭🇺Hungary K180
Roman Karwat 230,71 m 2003-01-05
🇸🇪Sweden K140
Bogdan Kozłowski 166,81 m 2002-06-19
🇮🇹Italy K230
Marko Jeznik 257,12 m 2002-09-24
🇩🇰Denmark K75
Oystein Moen 97,12 m 2002-12-11
🇸🇰Slovakia K110
Remigiusz Górniak 132,78 m 2002-11-16
🇨🇦Canada K185
Roman Karwat 209,69 m 2002-06-17
🇱🇹Lithuania K145
Remigiusz Górniak 170,21 m 2003-01-21
🇰🇿Kazakhstan K85
Oystein Moen 107,49 m 2002-06-24
🇨🇳China K205
Roman Karwat 246,96 m 2002-09-15
🇫🇷France K160
Roman Karwat 180,33 m 2002-05-12
🇳🇱Holland K100
Ivan Brandett 127,52 m 2003-01-15
🇷🇺Russia K200
Remigiusz Górniak 231,73 m 2002-09-28
🇰🇷Korea K150
Roman Karwat 178,16 m 2003-01-03
🇸🇮Slovenia K250
Roman Karwat 290,44 m 2002-09-29

TOTAL: 5519,36 m

Additional hills

🇵🇱Zakopane 1 K120
Michał Stefanowicz 134,95 m 2003-01-20
🇵🇱Zakopane 2 K65
Mario 76,14 m 2003-01-25
🇵🇱Karpacz K85
Michał Stefanowicz 98,06 m 2003-01-11
🇵🇱Wisla K105
Zastal 119,85 m 2003-01-15
🇵🇱Szczyrk K85
Michał Stefanowicz 98,78 m 2003-01-11

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