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New version of tournaments!

A revolution in tournaments at DSJ2.pl! We are pleased to announce that on the occasion of the beginning of the winter ski jumping season, we have introduced an update to the tournaments section, which gives users the opportunity to create and organize their own tournaments on almost any terms.

The new version of tournaments is certainly quite a revolution for the community. So far, tournaments were organized only by the website's moderators and only for the mobile version of the game. From now on, instead of just participating in ready-made events, DSJ2 enthusiasts can test themselves in the organization by creating personalized tournaments - also for the PC version!

New tournament tools allow you to customize many key elements, such as game version, tournament type (open or closed), allowed jumping style, number of sets per competition, competition hill, as well as additional tournament-specific rules. Soon it will also be possible to play team tournaments, not only for distances, but also for shorts and points.

But these are not the only new features in tournaments! We have also introduced a tipster league, which allows you to earn points for correctly predicting the winner in open competitions, the winner's result or other types. Voting will take place in automatically created polls in the competition comments.

Now you don't have to immediately compete with advanced players in open tournaments. Create your own, closed event, organizing e.g. a championship of your school, housing estate or workplace, or simply for a group of friends. This is a great opportunity to gain recognition in the community and impress others with your skills.

We believe that new capabilities will not only increase player autonomy and satisfaction, but also enable the development of the DSJ2 community. Players will be happy to share and encourage participation in their own tournaments, and the community will enjoy the variety of tournaments together.

The new tournaments are undoubtedly a step forward towards a more engaging and exciting experience for DSJ2 fans. We are waiting for your comments on new functionalities, as not everything may work perfectly yet. Be sure to also read the updated general tournament rules. Have fun!

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